We built a circuit into a camera’s image sensor. This way we can put music and sound into the camera, where the visual data used to float, so it’s display is controlled by sound driven data. And on the top of this the visual can be sent to the camera’s output and can be recorded […]


Media desk

The media desk was created for the exhibition called 585,000 m2, organized by the Hungarian Balassy Institute in New York’s White Space Gallery. It’s main function is to present any kind of media content horizontally. Plus it is designed for mobility – the iron parts can be sent by post anywhere and the wooden parts […]


Quadroscope kamera

The quadroscope camera is a teachable/programmable camera with four image sensor, with this technology we can reproduce the well-known bullet time effect from the matrix movies. This means the camera takes four picture in the same moment and transforms it for example to a gif – this way the four static image turns into time-freezing […]


Multilayer Display Extension

Our self designed cost effective Display Extension makes it possible to visualize multi layer videos through an iPhone/iPad. It can be easily stored in the back of your phone case. It’s a perfect pocket business promotion tool, or if you want, let’s just experiment with this extraordinary visual experience.   ///////   A Meetlab saját […]


RGB Panorama

This experiment is an octagon shaped, rotating mirror, which is synced to a projector’s color wheel. The mirrors octuple the prjector’s usual image and turns it into a 270 degree panorama, while separating the RGB colors. /////// A projektor színtárcsájának forgására hangolt 270°-os panoráma vetítő, mely meg nyolcszorozza a képet. _ Concept: Laszlo Belkovits Content: Matyas […]


585,000 m2 exhibition – NYC

A Mixed Media Exhibition on the History and the Present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest _ White Space Gallery 329 Broome St, New York, New York _ Curatorial statement: 585,000 m2 proposes a dialogue about the symbolic spaces found in the Jewish Quarter of the 7th district in Budapest through visual art statements from […]